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South Carolina State Guard
South Carolina Military Department
1ST Midlands Brigade
CSM Clyde Hayes
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About the 1ST Midlands Brigade

The SCSG acts in a support role for the National Guard, law enforcement and other state, county and municipal agencies during times of emergency. The State Guard is managed by the South Carolina Military Department under the direction of the Adjutant General. Its Commander in Chief is the governor of the State of South Carolina.
The S.C. State Guard's 1st Brigade serves several counties in central South Carolina - and provides assistance when requested to all counties statewide - fulfilling the State Guard’s mission of acting as early responders by providing immediate boots on the ground with ability to sustain operations for 48 hours.

The 1st Brigade is one of three brigades in the State Guard (2nd Brigade is in the upstate, 3rd Brigade is in the low country) which contributes thousands of hours annually, preparing for - and responding to - natural or man-made disasters.  1st Brigade participates in emergency preparedness exercises such as the
National Disaster Medical System Exercise at Columbia Metropolitan Airport.  This exercise, a nationwide initiative of the U. S. Army is under the direction of Moncrief Army Hospital, located at Ft. Jackson, for South Carolina.  It simulates a natural disaster with patients transported from a disaster scene to a staging area for triage and further transport to local hospitals for treatment.

Our members are all volunteers who share a passion for service and an equally strong commitment to their fellow South Carolinians.

COL Greg Stidom
Commander, 1ST Midlands Brigade
COL Greg Stidom
Commander, 1ST Brigade
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