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South Carolina State Guard
South Carolina Military Department
Chaplain Corps
COL Herbert Frederick Gough
Chief of Chaplains
Chaplain Gough began his military career by serving in the United States Navy and Marine Corps before entering the SC State Guard 1990.  Since joining he has served as Battalion Chaplain, Brigade Chaplain, and Staff Chaplain for pastoral coordination and DCS for Mobilization. Chaplain Gough is currently serving in the SC State Guard as the Chief of Chaplains and member of the General Staff.

Chaplain Gough has distinguished himself during his career by receiving the SC Medal of Merit (2OLCs), Meritorious Service Medal and Certificates of Commendation from 2nd US Army and 1st Bn, 263rd Armor, SCARNG,
Basic Parachutist Badge (Laotian).  Detailed as Chaplain to US Military Delegation to Poland, 1995.  Member:  US Naval Academy Alumni Assn., Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Marine Corps League, Royal Marines Assn. (Hon.), State Guard Assn. of the US (National Chaplain, 2009-2010), Company of Military Historians, Board of SC Military Heritage Foundation, Sumter Guard of Charleston, US Army War College Alumni Assn., Royal Laotian Airborne Assn.

His education includes:
Sewanee Military Academy, Sewanee, TN, 1958, University of Chattanooga (UTC), Chattanooga, TN, 1967 (BA in Geography), Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA, 1972 (Master in Divinity) - Continuing Education includes:  NC Justice Academy, 1977; St. George’s College, Jerusalem, (Israel), 1980; National Forum on Regional Ministry Development, Chicago, 1989; National Security Seminar, US Army War College, Carlisle, PA, 1990; Regional Chaplain Staff College (Air University, conducted at various military posts) 1991-2006; FEMA Emergency Management Institute, 1992; Critical Incident Stress Management, 2000, 2011 (Certified).

Chaplain Gough has served in Ministry Leadership Positions including having served as a Social Worker for three years as public assistance caseworker and community organization specialist (1965-69).  During period of seminary education, served as group leader, group leader trainer and assistant coordinator of Family Therapy Dept. of Crownsville State Hospital, Crownsville, MD, 1970-72.  During that period, the Family Therapy Dept. received national commendatory recognition from the President’s Committee on Employment of the Handicapped.  Ordained by the Episcopal Church:  Deacon 1972; Priest 1973. Curate:  Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Memphis, TN, 1972-73 Vicar:  St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Copperhill, TN, 1973-75 Rector:  St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Clinton, NC, 1975-1980 Asst. Rector:  Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Athens, GA, 1980-82 Vicar: St. Barnabas’ Episcopal Church, Dillon, SC, 1982-96 Rector:  St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Darlington, SC, 1996-2007 and since then as continued to serve as Vicar:  St. Barnabas’ Episcopal Church, Dillon, SC.

Along with numerous Boards and Civic organizations oh which he is a member Chaplain Gough has also received many honors such as the Order of the White Eagle (Poland), Kt. Grand Cross, Order of St. Stanislas, Kt. Grand Cross, Cross of Merit and Cross of Justice, Order of Virtuti Militari (Poland), Silver Cross, Order of the Star of Honor of Ethiopia, Kt. Grand Officer, Order of Swabia, Kt. Grand Officer and the Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, Senior Chaplain, Officer of Companionate of Merit.
Deputy Chief of Chaplains
LTC Mike Maddox
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South Carolina State Guard Chaplain Corps
Pro Deo et Patria
(for God and Country)
The Chaplain Corps of the SCSG is comprised of Ordained Military Chaplains who are on ready to serve their fellow guardsman, their families and community. Under the Direction of the Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain (COL) Fred Gough, the State Guard Chaplains serve at all levels from Battalion up to SG Division Headquarters, with one goal in mind, the overall spiritual and moral welfare of the individual guardsman and the unit. Chaplains often serve as confidants for commanders, offering spiritual guidance and support when sought.

SCSG members are encouraged to seek out their Chaplains in times of need. Your Chaplains are there to support you. If you’re not sure who your unit’s Chaplain is, contact your commander or SCSG Headquarters at (803) 253-6210.
About Chaplain Gough
To become a Chaplain in SCSG you must:

·Have proof of Ordination by a federally recognized religious body

·Have an ecclesiastical endorsement by the ordaining body

·An advanced degree in one of the disciplines of ministry and theology.

·Documentation of the above must be provided.

To become a Moral Leadership Officer you must:

·Have completed at least two years of college or presentation of the equivalent.

·Letter of recommendation from ecclesiastical supervisor.

·Have two years of practical spiritual leadership.

To become a Chaplain Assistant you must:

·Be an enlisted member, E-1 to E-4, in good standing.

·Be interviewed and approved by the Supervising Chaplain.

·Be able to assist the Chaplains in various roles from ministry preparation to administrative duties.

For more detailed information on any of the above, please contact Chaplain (COL) Gough or Chaplain (LTC) Maddox.
Become a Chaplain