General Staff
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SCSG Olympia Armory
(803) 253-4128
MG Thomas S. Mullikin -Commander

CSM Mark D. Freeman -Command Sergeant Major

BG Leon L. Lott -Deputy Commander for Special Operations

COL Charles Shields
-Deputy Commander/Professional Services Command

COL Alan E. Williams -Chief of Staff

COL William Floyd -Judge Advocate General

COL Mark Sullivan -Inspector General

COL Carl Kinard -Chief Medical Officer

LTC Donald Hayes -Chief Chaplin
COL Pete Kennedy -DCS Personnel and Administration

COL William Oden -DCS Cyber Security

COL Richard W. Mancine
-DCS Operations, Plans and Training

COL M. Eugene Retske -DCS Communications & Electronics

LTC Steven Fox -DCS Logistics

CSM Mark D. Freeman
Command Sergeant Major
South Carolina State Guard Command Staff
MG Thomas S. Mullikin
BG Leon L. Lott
Deputy Commander
Special Operations

South Carolina National Guard

South Carolina Emergency Management Division

South Carolina Military Museum

State Guard Association of the United States

National Association of Search and Rescue (SAR)
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Contact Us

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