About the South Carolina State Guard Engineering Detachment
MAJ Marguerite McClam
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To provide professional engineering support to the SC
TAG, the SCSG, other state and local government
agencies, and civil relief organizations in preparation for
and following a disaster.
Our Purpose
Active Component: 25 members that
regularly participate in State Guard functions
and provide the necessary leadership and
coordination to the Reserve Component.
Our People
150 organized volunteers who will be available
to respond to post-disaster call-outs, but who
are unable to participate in monthly State
Guard drills.
Reserve Component
(a) Evaluating Emergency Shelters for adequacy
(structural and mechanical).
(b) Assessing critical infrastructure (documenting
points of weakness).

Emergency Response:
(a) Initial Damage Surveys: rapidly conducting impact
assessments to identify, quantify, and provide for
immediate emergency needs.
(b) Assessing safety or disaster sites.

Disaster Recovery:
(a) Conducting detailed damage assessments to
determine the need for supplemental State, Federal,
and other forms of outside assistance.
(b) Identifying post-disaster hazard mitigation
strategies and activities to reduce the risk and
magnitude of future disaster impacts.

(a) Conducting facility assessments for SCMD.
(b) Preparing project packages for SCMD
(c) Coordinating with county EMDs.
MAJ Marguerite McClam, P.E. FNSPE
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The SCSG acts in a support role for the National Guard, law enforcement and other state, county and municipal agencies during times of emergency. The State Guard is managed by the South Carolina Military Department under the direction of the Adjutant General. Its Commander in Chief is the governor of the State of South Carolina.
South Carolina State Guard Engineering Detachment