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To foster the growth and expansion of the PMC, BG Lott has developed and implemented a state of the art initiative to effectively recruit, train and teach members of the PMC. He has worked collaboratively with the State Guard Director of Schools and the SC Criminal Justice Academy to develop a unique Security Specialist training course. He has developed training criteria to ensure that members of the PMC are dually trained in both military and law enforcement techniques and can transition smoothly between the dual disciplines depending on circumstances.

BG Lott encourages all PMC members to train as if their lives and the lives of their fellow citizens depended upon it - because some it might.
BG Leon Lott
Commander, Provost Marshal Command
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South Carolina State Guard Provost Marshal Command
The SCSG acts in a support role for the National Guard, law enforcement and other state, county and municipal agencies during times of emergency. The State Guard is managed by the South Carolina Military Department under the direction of the Adjutant General. Its Commander in Chief is the governor of the State of South Carolina.