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South Carolina State Guard
South Carolina Military Department
Provost Marshal Detachment
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If you have ever wanted to serve your state either militarily or through law enforcement, here is your chance. Contact a recruiter today at the State Guard's by calling (866) 238-2381 (toll free number)

Prior military or law enforcement experience is not required.

The South Carolina State Guard will assume the in-state duties of the South Carolina National Guard when and if its units are called to federal duty outside of South Carolina. If required, the South Carolina State Guard will occupy and secure armories and other essential areas designated by the Governor; assist local and state law enforcement agencies in the preservation of law and order; perform security missions at vital installations and protect life and property in case of natural disaster. The mission is a broad one and training for it is just as broad.

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The mission of the Provost Marshal Detachment (PMD) is to provide SCSG Headquarters with security, provide appropriate law enforcement/security expertise to the Commander, and perform any additional duties deemed appropriate by the Commander.
To foster the growth and expansion of the PMD, COL Lott has developed and implemented a state of the art initiative to effectively recruit, train and teach members of the PMD.  He has worked collaboratively with the State Guard Director of Schools and the SC Criminal Justice Academy to develop a unique Security Specialist training course.  He has developed training criteria to ensure that members of the PMD are dually trained in both military and law enforcement techniques and can transition smoothly between the dual disciplines depending on circumstances.

COL Lott encourages all PMD members to train as if their lives and the lives of their fellow citizens depended upon it - because some day they might.
COL Leon Lott
Commander, Provost Marshal Detachment